About Safety Training Woodworking

Our history

Safety Training Woodworking was set up to respond to the needs of the woodworking industry by John Gubb in 1994.

John had, for the previous 20 years, been involved in the education and training of woodcutting machinists, joinery and furniture makers whilst retaining a link with industry and research.

John remained up to date with both industry and education. Collaborative ventures with the Health and Safety Executive and local companies resulted in Safety Training Woodworking taking part in the safety video “The Cutting Edge” and providing supporting information for the HSE and others in the legal proceedings

Safety Training Woodworking today

After 22 years running Safety Training Woodworking, John Gubb has now retired and handed over the baton to Damian Smith. 

Damian carries forward the name and great reputation Safety Training Woodworking, and continues to build on his knowledge and experience of woodworking machinery, processes and regulations.

"It is a privilege and pleasure to be taking over Safety Training Woodworking and continue with John's original goal of understanding the needs of the employer. Focusing all courses around the demand of your productive environment, conducting individually tailored sessions and provide work based training of the safe and productive use of woodworking machinery."

Damian Smith