Suvamatic Planer Guard & Protection

The SUVAmatic planer guard offers a elegantly engineered, safe system for upgrading the cutter block guard when planing timber. The precision construction and design makes the guard a pleasure to use. When surfacing, the cutterblock guard is lifted and guided over the timber by the guide. After surfacing it lowers itself automatically to cover the cutterblock. When doing batch jobs, the cutterblock guard can be locked in vertical position to just accommodate the thickness of the workpiece. The cutterblock guard will return automatically to this preset position after being pressed down. 

  • Safe protection from the cutter block - The full planing width is protected by a single cutterblock guard. It can be folded down using a hinged locking system
  • Practical workpiece infeed - The cutterblock guard is fitted with a pressure pad and a foldable guide on the jointing fence side
  • Pressure application to assist work - During jointing operations, the cutterblock guard exerts pressure in the direction of the jointing fence. After jointing it resumes its safe position by itself. 
  • Self-lifting and lowering - During planing operations, the cutterblock guard lifts the workpiece guide by itself. After planing, it lowers itself into the safe position
  • Guard can be locked in position for batch jobs - During batch jobs, the cutterblock guard can be locked at workpiece height
  • One model fits all - The cutterblock guard can be fitted to all surface planers

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