Machine Training

All of our certified operator training courses can be tailored to suit people with a wide range of skills and abilities of the machining and manufacturing process such as taking off, cleaning and maintaining, loading and feeding, and toolroom operatives.

Certified, Refresher & Familiarisation Machine Training

As a specialist training provider, we offer certified, refresher or familiarisation training on the following products and equipment.
Band Resaw
Crosscut (Manual)
Crosscut (Auto)
Grinder/Abrasive Wheels
Handheld and Portable Machines
Panel Saw (Vertical)
Panel Saw (Sliding Table)
Planer (Surfacer)
Planer (Thicknesser)
Planer Moulder
Spindle Moulder
All our courses include the provision of a training booklet with detailed information and illustrations and important safety aspects specific to that machine. These booklets are left with the candidate for future reference.
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